Welcome to Caribbean Coast University!

There is a wonderful propensity and tremendous capacity unique to the Human Race. These qualities motivate us to learn, grow and to share amongst one another for the ultimate benefit of all. This tendency makes possible our continued emotional, mental and spiritual development as well as insuring the propagation of all that which is intrinsically good and noble in humanity.

Many of our great institutions of higher learning exist to truly help the student take the initial steps toward betterment of self and society. The University is one such institution...predicated upon the principles of goodwill and service. An essential way in which we serve is to recognize the accomplishments of deserving individuals in order that they may go on in their own ways to make a contribution to their communities and society.

We at CCU are dedicated to the propagation of knowledge and its correct application -- wisdom. As an organization we recognize that all people are part of a larger whole -- Humankind. As individual members of the "family" we all have unique qualities, experiences and knowledge to impart unto others. The CCU and its parent organization, The ULC of the Caribbean,* are founded upon the highest of human ideals and aspirations. Both have, as the basis of their guiding philosophies, a profound love and respect for life, freedom and the health and will being of our entire planet.

In keeping with our high standards and philosophy of service, we have structured our organization in such a way as to provide the highest degree of function for our students. This function by necessity includes many very important aspects...not the least of which is affordability. By being a nonprofit organization and consistently lowering our operating costs over the years we have achieved a state of delicate balance that, as our research shows, allows us to offer the lowest tuition prices of any comparable, non-traditional school in the world. Please take a few minutes to read this catalog so you will understand why we and our students feel our claims are justified.

The University welcomes you. We hope that you find what you need while you are here!

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