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Since many diploma mills are set up under a church's control, we thought, how could it hurt. For this reason, we started the ULC of the Caribbean. Here, we follow all the key doctrines of the ULC. For more info, visit them.

Here at the ULCC, we believe in one doctrine:

'Do that which is right'

We stand for absolute freedom of religion in regard to peaceful practices. This doctrine does not deny any person the freedom to peacefully choose their path.

What you believe is what matters most. Believe it with all your heart, while continuing to grow in your pursuit of truth and righteousness. ULC ministers follow a wide variety of spiritual paths; some of them are even bizarre or even perhaps offensive. The Universal Doctrine does not conflict with any peaceful belief system, nor attempt to control the beliefs of others, including the church ministers. However anything you hear beyond "Do only that which is right", is not Universal Doctrine, it is simply the beliefs of an individual. It does not matter if that person is the founder of the church, the host of a web site, or a derelict on Skid Row. All are equal in this church.

The ULC is a real church, and very sincere in its mission. Some ULC ministers are not sincere, but we do not judge their intent. The ULC will ordain all who ask, without cost, for life, and without question of faith. The church has been doing this since it began in 1959, and has grown steadily through the years. Today, there are ministers and congregations around the globe.

This is within the strict teaching of Saint Kirby Hensley, the founder of the Universal Life Church.

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