Meet the Faculty

- Dr. Brent Zucker is the Provost of University Operations

- Carl Craps is the Chair of Internet Gaming and Web Sciences

- Rev. Ivana Jackuov is the Chairperson of Feminist Theology

- Master Kim Li is the Dean of the Department of Online Karate

-Professor Rip Anis is Dean of the 8-Track Repair Department

- Mrs. Anna Ihot is the Dean of Remedial Geography.

- Chancellor Dr. Kate Murphie is Dean of Online Physical Education

- Mrs. Betty Backdoor is the Chairperson of Proof Reading

- Professor Al Corleone is Chairperson of Business and La Cosa Nostra

- Rev. Muhammad Al Jewhiz is Dean of Universal Life Church Religion

- Rev. Dr. Smokey Pots is Dean of Drinking and Drug Studies

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