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Caribbean Coast University was founded by the forward thinking Dr. M. Stanley Cheesetower. His vision was to lower educational standards and performance of lecturers and students by creating a worldwide network of educational institutions that share information and resources. He wanted students to be to be able to have a college diploma, no matter how little they might know. His hope was they would be able to use their degree gained during their study with CCU to advance their careers and give them the success they deserve in life for community needs and expectations, and a proud reputation.

Today, Dr. Cheesetower has long since passed. Still, his dream lives on. Now in Dominica, CCU has moved from many states and regions. Still, no matter if it was in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Idaho or even Liberia, CCU always stood for one fact. All students should be entitled to a diploma. This is true no matter how lazy, ignorant or clueless they might. From the looks of things, many public schools are adopting this same model with many of their RTI and Common Core projects. It is about time that they see that work has nothing to do with what is important. Learning is only a by product. What is really important is the diploma at the end. Here at CCU, we understand that.

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